Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Out-of-Town Lawyer and Client: Does Homefield Advantage Matter?

According to jury consultant Melissa Gomez, it depends. She has found that home towners have an advantage in Pittsburgh, but much less of an advantage, if any, in New York City. More important is how the out-of-towners interact with the venue:

 In my practice, I have found that being the attorney from the outside means you have to do your homework to understand the people in the venue as opposed to being like them. It is not that you need to change who you are or who your client is. In fact, trying too hard to fit in may backfire. Most jurors from Texas will notice that those cowboy boots that attorney from Philadelphia is wearing are fresh from the box. Instead, understanding a venue is more about showing respect for it by learning and following the court procedures, and understanding the folks well enough to know what kind of argumentative tactics will fly and what will not (i.e., you may get away with a more directly confrontational cross examination in New York City than, say, Savannah, Ga.).

Here’s the posting from the Legal  Intelligencer blog.


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