Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Classroom of the Future

Recently, my colleague April Barton gave a presentation to our faculty on “The Classroom of the Future.” The faculty was suitably impressed.  April, our law school’s Director of Academic Computing, is available to make presentations at other schools. 

April’s presentation explores the concept of classrooms of the future.  She explains the trajectory of educational technology and how it can truly serve the educational needs of our students by engaging them with technology rather than losing them in technology distractions.  Specifically she explores three facets that she believes characterizes our classrooms of the future: (1) experiential learning; (2) social learning; and (3) mobile learning.  She presents her vision of using 3D simulation technology in our law school educational model and exploring alternative methods of information delivery. 

If you are looking for a vision of the future and maybe want to encourage your colleagues to try new pedagogical methods, you may be interesting in inviting April for a visit. I  can assure you that you will find  her practical, easy to understand,  and inspiring.You can contact her at


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