Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Legal Education Blog

There is a new blog at the National Law Journal site on reforming legal education entitled Law School Review.  Bloggers include Brian Tamanaha, Erwin Chemerinsky, John F. O'Brien, Kyle McEntee, Lucille Jewel, Michael A. Olivas, and William Henderson.  There are already a number of provocative posts on reforming legal education.  For example William Henderson opens the first post by saying,

"I love lawyers, law students, and my colleagues in the legal academy.  I participated in this forum because I thought it would be an effective way to protect the objects of my affection.  My goal was to embolden my colleagues, within the context of faculty meetings or other forums of faculty governance, to squarely address structural change and hard choices affecting their institutions.  And if these issues have already been raised (and they have at dozens of schools), to more vigorously push for a plan of action until the school is safely out of danger."

I look forward to what these insightful scholars have to say about reforming legal education.


hat tip: Sarah Ricks

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