Monday, November 14, 2011

New Indiana law school to focus on "practical application" of legal skills

A dean has now been picked for the new Indiana Tech School of Law scheduled to open in 2013. That will bring to five the total number of law schools in the Hoosier state - there are already six law schools within a three-hour drive of Ft. Wayne, where IT will be located. 

According to this story from the Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette, the curriculum plans to focus on the practical application of legal skills:

The founding dean of Indiana Tech’s yet-to-open law school is tasked with building not only a new law school, but a new kind of law school, one that better mixes traditional teaching methods with practical application.

On Friday, Indiana Tech President Arthur Snyder announced that Peter C. Alexander, currently a professor at Southern Illinois University School of Law, has accepted that challenge.

Alexander brings a background in a more non-traditional style of education with him, part of which comes from his own law school DNA at Northeastern University’s law school, which has a history of innovative, non-traditional models of education, Snyder said.

. . . .

The college selected Alexander, who has a reputation for enhancing practical student learning, out of a pool of 100 applicants, Snyder said.

. . . .

Alexander wants to see the new school develop a balanced of more traditional law school teaching methods – lectures to students on high legal theory – with a more practical, discussion-based application of the content.

And as a new entity, Indiana Tech’s law school will not be burdened with the traditions and practices of the more established programs, which find it difficult to change their ways, Alexander said.

He envisions a program where the high theory of law and legal education is mixed with the practical application offered by local lawyers and judges.

It will give students a balance between legal theory and the practice of law, Alexander said.

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