Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Google Algorithm May Affect Search Results - Especially Government Websites

If you use Google to start (or supplement) your legal research, you may have to dig deeper in the results in order to find relevant, credible information.  It may be more useful to get in the habit of starting with an official government website now that Google has tweaked the search algorithm.  According to this article from Government Computer News, Google this week has released a new

“major tweak to its search algorithm, and this time analysts predict that some government agency websites might be among the losers. ….Websites with infrequently updated content are likely to be lower down the list in search results. That may include some federal government websites which, in the past, may have been updated weekly or less frequently.”

I think it is important to help our students understand how to use Google and government websites as part of their legal research toolbox.  This change in the Google search algorithm may mean a change in search strategy for lawyers/law students.



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