Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cloud Computing: Protect Yourself

Cloud computing is here to stay. Users access applications on the internet and upload information on the internet (the “cloud”) instead of on their private computing systems. Thus they store it with a private software service. Is this storage system safe? Not everyone is convinced.

In an article in the November ABA Journal, attorney Arlen Tanner suggests using encryption:

For best “in the cloud” practices, Tanner suggests researching both the service provider and the company leasing the space to determine whether the underlying cloud is stable. “Then encrypt your own data,” he says. “Adding your own encryption to data gives another layer of security, especially from internal risks. ... The service’s on-site encryption is intended to prevent outsiders from getting to your data, but the internal IT staffers have access to the site’s encryption key files. By adding your second layer of encryption, you have more control over who can access your data.”



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