Monday, November 14, 2011

Best Law Firm Holiday Cards

Best Law Firm Holiday Cards


It’s probably past-time for law firms to think about what sort of holiday cards they will want to send out. From Attorney at Work, here are the best e-cards of 2010:

  • Fun and interactive. Goulston & Storrs has an annual holiday card contest, and their e-card does an excellent job incorporating several drawings in an interactive way. Here is a sample of an interactive e-card from Saturno using a fictitious firm name, with the theme “Did you build a snowman?
  • Multiple offices. This is a nice example of a firm celebrating the season from each of the firm’s offices, from Sherman & Howard.
  • A Holiday quiz!  Marks, Paneth and Shron Certified Public Accountants and Consultants’ 2010 holiday card had a perfect combination of animation and interactive elements.
  • Effective animation. Both Foley Hoag and Goodwin Procter produced law firm holiday cards that successfully used animation.

The full article includes links to a wide range of examples and also offers some helpful advice.


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