Monday, November 7, 2011

Apple resources for lawyers

Courtesy of one of our favorite legal practice blogs, the Lawyerist:

Here are some very helpful Apple legal practice resources from around the web: 
  • MILOfest – a conference for attorneys interested in Macs, iPhones, iPads and anything else bearing an Apple logo #MILOfest.
  • MILO Google group - the largest forum for Mac-using attorneys.
  • The Mac Lawyer – A blog about using macs in the practice of law by Spartanburg, SC attorney Ben Stevens
  • Esquire Mac - a blog by Adam Greivell, a 20+ year Mac veteran and Maryland litigation attorney.
  • iPhone J.D. – a site for lawyers using iPhones and iPads published by Jeff Richardson, an attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • TabletLegal – a blog discussing use of Apple’s iPad by lawyers and in the legal profession authored by Josh Barrett, a Portland, Oregon business attorney.
  • Apple Briefs - Improving your law practice with Macintosh by attorney Jeffrey Kabbe.
  • Web Resources for Mac-Using Lawyers – and those who want to be, a great list at the Inspired Solo.
  • Macs In Law – Using Macs, iPhones, & iPads in the practice of law by Brett Burney.
  • ABA Journal Mac vs. PC (2008) – Attorneys Ben Stevens and Rick Georges duke it out.
  • SPU What’s New – Macs in the Law Office – interview with Victor Medina, who teaches Macs in the Law Office at SPU.
From spending some time reading these great resources, it is quickly evident that there are a lot of advantages to choosing Apple in your legal practice. However, making the switch isn’t without disadvantages. If you’ve been a PC your whole life, you should understand that there will be some leaning involved. There are also price considerations. Macs and iPhones certainly aren’t the most affordable computing and cell phone options out there.


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