Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A guide to Twitter for law students

I still don't get it but maybe you'll find more use for Twitter than me. From a Girl's Guide to Law School:

Why Every Law Student Should Be On Twitter.


Twitter is valuable for law students for several reasons:


  1. It’s an amazing way to meet people
  2. It allows you to (very rapidly) build a reputation as an “expert” in your specific niche
  3. It exposes you to new and useful ideas, carefully curated by someone who knows more than you do
  4. It gives you an instant “gut check” about what you truly find interesting
  5. It allows you to surround yourself with helpful, supportive people, who are doing what you want to eventually do
  6. It’s fun!

Click here to read a detailed explanation of each point.

Hat tip to ATL.



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