Friday, October 14, 2011

What Are the Best Undergraduate Majors to Prepare for Law?

Karin Mika has recently studied this in Do Undergraduate Majors and Other Factors Correlate Highly with Success in Legal Writing Classes?

This paper examines approximately 19 years of data from Legal Writing classes in determining whether there are any characteristics that contribute to the success (or lack of success) in Legal Writing. The paper focuses primarily on categorizing undergraduate degrees, but touches upon age as a potential factor in determining potential for success. The paper also notes that the majority of students who earn the highest grades in Legal Writing also have the highest grades across the board in other law school classes.

She concludes: 

1. Success in Legal Writing is a predictor of success in law school overall.  

2. There is no one major that is a predictor for a lack of success in law school.

3. Although a student having any type of undergraduate major can do well in law school, an Economics undergraduate major is a valid predictor of success.

4. Students who had any type of double major in undergraduate school tend, on the average to do better than students with a single major.

5. Students with MBAs tend to do very well in Legal Writing.

6. Age is neither a predictor of success or lack of success.

7. Attending a public or private undergraduate school plays no role in predicting success.


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