Thursday, October 6, 2011

States May Be Getting Aggressive in Collecting Unpaid Student Debt

In this difficult economy, some students are not keeping up with their payments toward college loans that they have incurred. And state attorneys general may be obligated to pursuing the defaulting debtors. For example:

In the past three years alone, tax-supported colleges and universities statewide have turned over more than $140 million in uncollected bills to the Ohio attorney general’s office.

For example, Ohio State University has turned over $10.3 million in uncollected bills this year, twice what it certified in 2010. Cuyahoga Community College’s debt has grown from $1.8 million last year to $3 million so far this year. Kent State University’s debt is poised to be close to the $3 million it certified last year.

Here is an article from the Columbus Dispatch.


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