Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Judicial Clerkships – A Bibliography of Resources

My current awareness alerts just brought a very useful resource to my attention and it’s one worth sharing.

Mary Dunnewold, Beth Honetschlager & Brenda Tofte, Judicial Clerkships: A Bibliography, Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD (Fall 2011/Volume 8) – available on SSRN here.

Here is the abstract posted on SSRN:
"A wide variety of materials about judicial clerkships is available in bar journals, law reviews, and books, and on relevant web sites. These materials are particularly useful to academic professionals planning judicial clerkship classes or externship experiences, law students contemplating judicial clerkship positions and wanting to know more, and the approximately 3000 recent law school graduates preparing to enter judicial clerkships each year. This bibliography brings together the more recent of these materials and categorizes them by topic, including materials on judicial clerk selection, the judicial clerk’s role, various kinds of judicial writing, academic clerkship classes, and ethics."

This is a useful resource for your students and Career Services office.


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A great companion bibliography is Ruth Vance's "Judicial Opinion Writing: An Annotated Bibliography," in the latest issue of the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute.

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