Friday, October 7, 2011

Attorney Sanctioned for Wasteful Depositions

Meandering depositions have cost an attorney $6,400 in sanctions. Despite warnings from the federal district judge, New York lawyer Michael Q. Carey conducted eight depositions that the judge did not find meaningful or productive:

 "Despite these warnings, Mr. Carey made no attempt to target his inquiries or proceed in a deliberate manner," the judge said in his decision. "Indeed, he seemed to proceed in the opposite direction, beginning with those who knew the least, before proceeding with the key witnesses."

In the case of some of the witnesses, the judge said, "minimal time was spent on Vioni's services," and one witness was never even asked about her.

On one witness, he said, "Mr. Carey took up 60 pages on background questions," about the employee's "personal employment history, asking follow up questions about previous jobs on a fishing boat, a shrimp business and a noodle factory.

Here is the full story from the Daily Business Review blog.


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