Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time Wasters for Lawyers – Law Students Beware Too

I picked up a Tweet from RealPractice (@RealPractice) that has some great advice not only for practicing lawyers, but law students as well.  The post, entitled “Top 7 Time Wasters for Lawyers to Avoid” is here.

The problems that I think law students (and even law faculty/staff) struggle with are the following:

1. Not enough time off – REAL time off – unplug so you can recharge;
2. Lack of planning, prioritizing and focus;
3. Procrastination;
4. Interruptions; and
5. Lack of organization and tidiness (just speaking from my own experiences of what I’ve seen in the library and some faculty offices).

Time management is such an important key to success especially in our world of technology/distractions.  It’s a good conversation to have and behavior to model for our students.



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