Friday, September 2, 2011

The Answer To One of the Law's Most Important Questions

In preparation for the long holiday weekend I just wanted to take a moment to provide an answer to one of the most important and perplexing questions in contemporary Anglo-American Jurisprudence. Additionally, the complex nature of the below question is in keeping with the amount of patience for deep contemplative thought most of us have on the Friday afternoon before Labor Day Weekend.

With that being said, see below for the answer we have all been waiting for, What exaclty did Warren Zevon mean when he said, "send lawyers, guns and money ?" 

Mr. Zevon told this story whenever asked:

"My job is making things up, y'know, but "Lawyers, Guns And Money" was very loosely, in my mind, based on the idea of the old Chuck Berry song, "Dear Dad" - "Dear Dad, don't get mad, what I'm asking for." And I was on vacation with a guy named Bert Stein, who worked at Asylum Records then, a great guy. Bert and I were riding along, riding through a sugar cane field in Kauai with this gal who was a waitress at the place we were staying. She was taking us to somebody's house and we were, y'know, a sunny day, a beautiful day, and we're riding through the cane fields and she says, "Well, there's nobody really home at this place we're going." We said, "Yeah, what do you mean, exactly?" She says, "Well, well, we'll just...let ourselves in." We're saying, "Yeah.." and she says, "Yeah, well, they won't mind...we might have to kind of break in." And I looked around at Bert and said, "Dear Joe", thinking of Joe Smith, who was the head of Asylum Records and our boss, I guess you might say. And I said, "Dear Joe - send lawyers.." Or I said, "Dear Joe" and Bert said, "Send lawyers..." and I said, "and guns..." he said, "and money...."
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I'm not sure there are great many lessons in that story for the modern law student or lawyer (other than the obvious you shouldn't break into other people's houses lesson) but hopefully our readers found it somewhat entertaining. Hope everyone enjoys the long holiday weekend !


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