Friday, September 2, 2011

Passing the Bar. Getting a Job. What Next? Marketing Yourself

So you passed the bar. CONGRATULATIONS! Now you are a real lawyer. After the pain and torment of law school and the nerve-jangling business of studying for the bar, you’d think this would be a good time to relax and regroup—and ease slowly into your new career. Yes, that would be nice. But it’s not recommended. Because once you have that job (and aren’t you lucky)—whether as an associate in a sizable firm, as the new guy at the three-lawyer practice over on Main, or as a solo practitioner—there are things to be done now to lay the groundwork for a successful practice later on. Marketing things.

At Attorney at Work, consultant Merrilyn Astin Tarlton, offers a checklist to the newly-minted lawyer—designing your business card, drafting your biography, increasing your social networking, getting on directory listings, perfecting your elevator speech, joining organizations. Please pass this on to your new graduates.


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