Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not Just Lawyers

It's not just young lawyers that are suffering from dissatisfaction and burnout.  According to a study from the Mayo Clinic, about 50% of residents are burned out.  Among the findings:

  • Nearly 15 percent said their overall quality of life was "somewhat bad" or "as bad as it can be."
  • One-third said they were somewhat or very dissatisfied with work-life balance.
  • Forty-six percent said they were feeling emotionally exhausted at least once a week.
  • Nearly 29 percent said they felt detached or unable to feel emotion at least once a week.
  • More than half said they had at least one symptom of burnout.
  • Those burdened with debt are the most stressed out.  The report also stated that stressed out residents have less empathy.  Read more here.


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