Monday, September 12, 2011

Academic Legal Research – Tips for Success

A recent post from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Library Blog brought this paper to my attention.  The paper, “The 13 Steps of Successful Academic Legal Research” is written by Agustin Parise of the Center of Civil Law Studies at Louisiana State University  Law Center and is available at 38 International Journal of Legal Information 1 (2010).  There are some useful pointers for law students writing a scholarly paper and includes a sample checklist to help students with resources and time management.

The paper  walks a student through a research project and covers the following areas: “teamwork, basics, 13 steps, and submission.”  The 13 steps start with a research proposal, walks students through resources, creating a structural outline, continued research, writing and editing, and soliciting feedback. 

This short paper may be a useful resource to help students as they begin tackling their upper level papers.

Hat tip CM Law Library (@CMLawLibrary)


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