Thursday, August 4, 2011

Writing for Litigation

Congratulations to  Kamela Bridges and Wayne Schiess on their new book, Writing for Litigation (Wolters Kluwer/Aspen). It is a pleasure to have a book on the subject written by two experienced Legal  Writing  professors who understand that clear organization and clear writing are critical lawyering skills. They offer as guidance four principles:

1. Make Information Accessible.

2. Avoid Hyperformal, Pompous Legalese.

3. Consult Writing Sources.

4. Produce Neat, Attractive Documments.

Here is the publishers abstract:

Writing for Litigation offers in-depth coverage and helpful tips for every type of document associated with the life of a case, from the client engagement letter to motions, discovery, client communications, affidavits, and more. Systematically examining each document and its constituent parts, this remarkably concise text explains how audience, purpose, and strategy determine the content and tone of effective writing. An on-line Teacher’s Manual provides abundant drafting exercises and in-class assignments.


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