Saturday, August 13, 2011

Now there's even a poll on the one-space, two-space "controversy"

It's odd that this topic, involving the minutia of punctuation, has proved to be so interesting and controversial. That's right, we're talking about whether you should put one-space or two between sentences. We've already devoted at least two posts to the topic, here and here, and the despite an apparent consensus among writing style mavens that one space is correct, the perception that two-spaces looks better persists, especially among lawyers. (I've already confessed that I'm a die-hard two-spacer too).

Now Above the Law has posted an online poll to query its readers who are comprised - by reputation, anyway - of elite law school students and grads, about their preference. As of this writing, two-spaces is leading one-space by a margin of, no pun intended, two-to-one (really).

So click here and scroll down to add your own two-cents to the controversy ( you'll need to cast a vote to see the results.


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No controversy. Two spaces required.

Posted by: Susan | Aug 14, 2011 4:24:06 AM

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