Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Employers Use Social Media for Hiring Decisions

LexisNexis Law School posted interesting data that should be shared with law students about why they need to be smart about how they use social media.  The post is here.

The reported data:

"• 45% of employers use social sites to vet potential hires: 
    o 29% use Facebook 
    o 26% use LinkedIn 
    o 11% use blogs 
    o 7% use twitter
• 18% of employers discovered social content that influenced them to hire a candidate: 
    o 50% - personality 
    o 39% - verification of professional qualifications 
    o 38% - creativity 
    o 35% - good communication skills 
    o 33% - well-roundedness 
    o 19% - positive references 
    o 15% - awards and accolades
• 35% of employers discovered social content that caused them not to hire a candidate: 
    o 53% - provocative or inappropriate photos or other information 
    o 44% - content about alcohol or drug use 
    o 35% - bad-mouthing previous employers, co-workers, or clients 
    o 29% - poor communication skills 
    o 26% - discriminatory comments 
    o 24% - lies about qualifications 
    o 20% - confidential information about a prior employer"


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One in every nine people on the planet use Facebook And that’s good news for social-media-savvy job seekers.

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