Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Article on Power

I have posted a new article on SSRN entitled Power in Contemporary Legal Thought: Postmodernism versus Behavioral Biology by Scott Fruehwald.


This paper will contrast views of power under postmodernism and behavioral biology and how these views affect law, government, and society. Part II will discuss power and postmodernism. It will examine the postmodern concept of power, then analyze offshoots of postmodernism, such as critical legal studies, feminism, and critical race studies in connection with power and law. Part III will present a theory of power and law based on behavioral biology. It will examine behavioral biology and power, contrast behavioral biology and postmodernism concerning power, and contrast notions of power under behavioral biology and offshoots of postmodernism. This paper will conclude that postmodern notions of power are faulty and unworkable, while behavioral biology offers useful ideas on power.


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