Monday, July 25, 2011

Course Pack Alternatives

I am a firm believer that more professors/adjuncts should be citing to or linking to library resources in lieu of a course pack.  I would argue that most, if not all, of the content in the course pack that you are asking a student to purchase, could be found in library databases.  Asking our students to retrieve the information from a database would reinforce their research skills and would also save the university copyright permission costs.

Your librarians can help provide durable links to database content to embed into your Blackboard or other course site.  Many free resources also allow durable or permalinks.  For example, allows durable linking to congressional resources. 

When you are planning your course content, contact your librarian for assistance with embedding library resources.  It will save your students money and get the content to them in their preferred format – online for “free”.


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