Monday, July 4, 2011

Among lawyers, BlackBerry loosing favor to Android and iPhone

From Law Technology News:

As many folks have opined, BlackBerry seems to be dying -- no matter what its parent company, Research in Motion, attempts to do to turn things around, nothing works. The BlackBerry Storm smartphone, a spectacular failure. The PlayBook tablet (which we have written about here), played out. Beyond the numbers, the dwindling market share, the bad press, what has caused the company to falter? There have been some interesting takes in recent weeks and months.

The decline in BlackBerry's fortunes is reflected in results from the 2011 In-House Tech Survey from Corporate Counsel: While very much still a part of legal departments -- 89 percent supply the device -- those numbers will likely change in upcoming years,  if BlackBerry continues to dwindle. In fact, Alan Cohen, in his story about the survey, notes that "other options are gaining on it, a full third of respondents supply iPhones, another 9 percent offer Android-based handsets."

Cohen expects that this shift will continue, because lawyers and others are simply more excited about other smartphone offerings -- the BlackBerry devices lack the verve of Google-powered Android or Apple-powered iPhone smartphones. Cohen added this, from one of the survey respondents: "his company was getting rid of BlackBerrys en masse because of problems integrating them with the web-based e-mail it was switching to." The lawyer went on to predict that his law firm would probably drop all BlackBerrys by the end of the year.

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