Friday, June 10, 2011

Twitter in the Classroom

CNN had a recent story about the use of Twitter in a middle school classroom.  You can read the full story here.

Has anyone tried this in a law school course?  It might compare to the use of clickers to solicit and include immediate feedback and participation in the classroom.  It may also provide the opportunity to incorporate advice to your students on the importance of a professional online image.  Food for thought this Friday.


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I am a current law prof and have planned a Twitter project that will launch in August 2011 derived from my evidence, trial advocacy, and other skills courses. I consistently hear from students that they wish they could be reminded of the skills, lessons, and tips they learned after they complete the course work - both during law school and beyond in practice. Former students who remain involved in our program and benefit from our current (repeated) course instruction, as teaching assistants, research assistants, coaches, or adjunct professors, inevitably standout from their peers and serve as superior trial advocates. It is with this in mind that we plan the twitter project, as follows:

All current and former students (and any other interested followers) will follow me- @WRPspdADVOCACY. Followers will receive tweets called "Two-day's Take-aways."SM Essentially, I will tweet two advocacy/practicial lawyering skills take-aways each day I teach or meet with students. These tweets will come from students in my current courses and me -- and hopefully spark discussion and keep former students and others connected to current (repeated) advocacy instruction.

We are preparing tweets now based upon our planned instruction and we will aggregate past tweets systematically on a designated tab of our website - The extended project (hopefully) will culminate in an advocacy resource and practical lawyering guide assembled from the organized assembly of the tweets spanning several semesters and various students in several classes.


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