Thursday, June 16, 2011

More on Networking as Career Building

On July 12, I posted my conclusion that students often to not understand that a function of networking is career building. I recently realized another problem.  Suppose a student exchanges a business card with a lawyer. The students often does not know what to  do next and therefore does nothing. Here are some suggestions that you might give to the student:

1. Encourage the student to tell or phone the lawyer that the student would like to talk further with the lawyer about his or her practice, what it’s like to work in her field of law, etc. The student might tell the lawyer that he or she would like to “shadow” the lawyer  when  the lawyer is engaged in a particularly interesting hearing or other event.

2. Encourage the student to invite the lawyer to keep the student abreast of any events, courtroom activities, conferences that might be of interest to the student.

3. Encourage the student to ask the lawyer what other people the student might want to talk with about the practice or about possible jobs.

4. And of  course, the student should let the lawyer know that although right now, the student is trying  to  learn more about the practice and meet people, the student still is very interested in finding a job and would appreciate any advice or  notice of any possible jobs with other lawyers.


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