Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A report from last week's "Future of Law Libraries" conference at Harvard

Here's a link to the list of topics and speakers (which, as you can see below, included some very heavy-hitters from the library, "information management" and media worlds).

And here are links to videos from the various presentations:

Video 1: Welcome, Bob Berring, Carl Malamud, Joe Hodnicki

Video 2: Dick Danner, June Liebert, Robert Darnton, Siva Vaidhyanathan

Video 3: Michelle Wu

Video 4: Jonathan Zittrain (for better audio, watch directly), John Mayer, Kathie Price, Sarah Glassmeyer, Ron Wheeler.

(For greatest success in streaming these videos, use the most recent version of the Quicktime player and open the videos using the right click>open with function).

Over at the Law Librarian Blog, Joe Hodnicki offers some additional commentary as well as several more links to podcasts and blog coverage from the conference (click here).


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