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Wanted: Teaching Materials for Practicum Courses

Wanted: Teaching  Materials for Practicum Courses

Recently on Concurring Opinions, Jessica Erickson (Richmond) posted on her experience in developing a practicum course on Corporate Fraud & Litigation. She found the effort to be a demanding one.

In light of the lack of materials for practicum courses, she notes that adjuncts will tend to teach these courses only when the course materials are readily available. Thus the lack of materials for a particular type of course will dissuade adjuncts (and probably many full-timers) from teaching the course. Professor Erickson notes that authors and publishers should be attracted to this untapped market for suitable materials.


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Carolina Academic Press has recognized the need to provide adjunct and full-time law teachers with practical teaching materials that integrate the teaching of skills and doctrine. The new Context and Practice Series is designed and edited by Michael Hunter Schwartz with input from Gerry Hess:

Each casebook has a rich Teacher’s Manual, filled with practical exercises, sample exams, and suggested teaching methods.

My own book in the series is Current Issues in Constitutional Litigation: A Context and Practice Casebook (Carolina Academic Press 2011)
. Here’s the catalogue:

The Teacher’s Manual is over 400 pages.

To further help teachers, my casebook has a companion website including relevant YouTube video, video of guest speakers, and other teaching materials, always being updated:

Here is a sample chapter:

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