Sunday, May 15, 2011

The "new normal" in legal education

3 Geeks and a Law Blog has a column called the "Elephant Post" which solicits opinions to a question posed by the editors. Last week's "Elephant Post" asked "What's the new normal in legal education?"

Here is a summary of the answers:

  • "[B]ottom line: They are doing it almost the same way they were 20 years.  Except now I hear tuition is much higher."
  • [From a law librarian]. "The 100-fold increase in the velocity of information. The volume of information has increased even more, but it is the speed at which we are confronted with information that has been truly boggling."
  • From the teacher's side of the podium, nothing much has changed in the past 20 years. Students, however, have changed a lot and technology has changed the classroom environment for them quite a bit.
  • "What has changed at law schools is that the volume of graduates has increased beyond what the job market can handle. As a result, the market is flooded with graduates who are unable to pay back student loans. Most lawyers I know express similar views and all repeatedly tell friends and family members who are considering going to law school that they should not."
  • [From a student] "Very expensive tuition is the new norm at law schools!"
  • [From a CALI developer] "So, the new normal at law schools? Lots of great technology available but not used, same old teaching methods being used."

You can read more detailed comments here.


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