Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The eyes have it - soon you can log onto password protected sites using your iris

Yup, a New York company called Hoyos has just unveiled a device that will let users log onto password protected sites like Facebook, Paypal and Gmail (presumably Lexis and Westlaw too) based on iris recognition.  That means no longer having to remember multiple passwords for all your favorite sites. Cool, huh? I say it's wicked cool. From CNN:

Here's how it works: The device, which is the size of a standard business card and weighs about four ounces, comes in the form of a USB drive. Once you install the program and decide which applications to EyeLock, you hold the wand-like scanner in front of your eye, and automatically log in to any password-protected site on your computer -- whether it's Facebook, Gmail, PayPal or your bank account.

No password required. You can even keep your glasses on.

Iris recognition, Hoyos claims, makes it much more secure for consumers to access personal information -- and eliminates the risk of fraud.

"Every time you log in, it reads your iris and creates a unique key, which is a series of numbers, and this key changes every time you log in, so no one can hack it," said Tracy Hoyos, assistant marketing director.

While the government and certain financial institutions have tried to implement the idea of eye scans, it's never been developed for consumers, said Hoyos.

As the company points out, fingerprint recognition is so 2010.

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