Saturday, May 21, 2011

Study tips for the bar exam

The blog Lawyerist has posted several good tips for dealing with the bar exam including: 1. how to apply to take the exam; 2, how to study for the exam; and 3. how to handle the exam itself on game day. Since you've already missed the deadline for registering for your state's bar exam if you haven't done so by now, let's skip right to the study tips:

1. Stick to study habits that worked for you while you were in school. If your pattern was studying five hours a day, trying to work for 12-hour stretches may be counter-productive. Whether you take a bar review class or study on your own, take as many real-time practice essay tests as possible. Thousands of sample Multistate Bar exam questions are available. Whether your state drafts its own or uses the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) questions, find them all and practice, practice, practice.

2. Study groups are a gamble. Unless you are continuing with the group you have been in since Torts, finding an appropriate rhythm with strangers has the potential to detract from purposeful and productive studying.

3. Exercise and eat right. Meeting the pizza delivery guy does not count as exercise unless you climb down 30 flights of stairs to get it. Sugar, fat, salt, and caffeine are not food groups.

4. Do not talk to other test-takers for two weeks before the exam. Your friends will remember things that you have never heard of and they will confuse you with their notions of arcane issues of trust law. Don’t let yourself be distracted.

You can check out the tips for taking the exam here.


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