Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Skills" scholarship alert: "Think [and Practice] Like a Lawyer: Legal Research for the New Millennials"

This article is byProfessors Aliza B. Kaplan (Lewis & Clark) and Kathleen N. Darvil (Brooklyn). It can be found at 8 J. ALWD _ (2011) and is also available on SSRN here. From the abstract:

It is time to heed the calls for legal education reform. In our changing economy, new attorneys need to be properly trained in law school to be competent at providing effective legal services for their employers and clients. Law schools must remain open to and interested in legal reform; they must partner with practitioners to incorporate more practical skills into the law school curriculum. Updating how we teach legal research by making it accord more with how attorneys actually conduct and use legal research in practice will help accomplish this and will also more actively engage our Millennial students. There is no question that making some timely changes to legal research instruction would better prepare new attorneys to be competent practicing lawyers and would be a win-win for students, law schools and employers.


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