Saturday, May 28, 2011

Report on Jobs for New Law School Grads

From the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) comes this report:

For the class of 2009, [NALP] reported the employment rate nine months after graduation was 88.3 percent for graduates for whom employment status was known. Of that 88.3 percent, 55.9 percent of graduates are in private practice, 13.5 percent are in the business industry, 10.1 percent are in government, and 8.7 percent are in a judicial clerkship. In an interview with BNA May 3, James G. Leipold, Executive Director of NALP, noted that these splits remain relatively constant each year, even during and after tough economic periods.

For 2010, the overall employment rate nine months after graduation was around 87 percent, he said. (NALP will release complete 2010 employment data in late May or early June.)

 As for salaries:

NALP's 2009 report of survey data from recent graduates reported that compensation for beginning attorneys at the “big law firms” in 2009 was around $160,000 in major metropolitan areas. The mean salary for the entire class was about $93,000. Leipold was quick to point out, however, that very few salaries actually hovered around the mean. In fact, 34 percent of 2009 graduates who reported salaries made between $45,000-$65,000 and about 25 percent of graduates responded that they made around $160,000 per year. The class of 2011 can expect a similar, reverse Bell curve type of salary distribution. 

According to NALP, during the past year, the number of employers interviewing on campus has increased.

The full story is at U.S. Law Week online.


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