Thursday, May 19, 2011

Most college presidents say they favor long-term contracts over tenure for professors; Dean Chemerinsky favors tenure instead

According to a survey of presidents from both private and public institutions conducted by the Pew Research Center together with the Chronicle of Higher Ed.  I can't say that's very earth-shattering news coming from administrators, many of whom are facing serious budgetary constraints these days. In fairness to them, it's no more surprising than learning that most faculty members prefer tenure over long-term contracts.  Doesn't everyone pretty much want what's in their own self-interest? To his credit, Dean Chemerinsky of U.C. Irvine Law who was interviewed by CHE for the story said he's strongly in favor of tenure for law faculty.

While the survey findings seem pretty self-evident, here's a graph that provides the particulars (it's pertinent insofar as the ABA Standards Review Committee is presently considering whether to make the availability of tenure-track positions a condition of accreditation).

































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