Friday, May 13, 2011

Harvard 3L's turn to judicial clerkships in tough job market

You know things are bad when HLS students have a tough time finding good jobs. From the Harvard Crimson:

In a continually-ailing job market, more Harvard Law School third year students applied to judicial clerkships this past fall, according to the Harvard Law School Office of Career Services.

Associate Director for Judicial Clerkships Kirsten K. Solberg attributed the increase in clerkship applications to a tougher job market, which likely prompted students to apply to many different positions to ensure employment post-graduation.

“Clerkships are continuing to grow as a nice alternative,” she said.

Solberg said that there was a more dramatic increase in clerkship applications when the economy crashed in 2008, but in the following years the application rate has continued to increase in smaller increments.

Still, she added that she thought the current popularity of clerkships was tied to the changing likelihood of obtaining law firm positions.

“I think if law firms jump back up to their hiring practices before 2008, we would see a decline in clerkship applications,” Solberg said.

Don't worry too much about these 3L's, though. According to Solberg, the bad economy affects the number of offers students receive not whether they'll receive offers. You can read the rest here.


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