Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Favorite Songs for Commencement

At my high school graduation, our class stood and faced the audience and sang “The Halls of Ivy.” Still my sentimental favorite. Here it is on YouTube. Here, it’s portrayed as a  Christmas song, but I believe it began on the radio show—later a TV show—by the same name starring Ronald Coleman as the president of Ivy College in Ivy, USA. Perfect casting.

And then there’s the alma mater of my place of employment, Villanova University. It is the archetypal college song with practically every bit of classic collegiate imagery you can think of. It was constructed by two Tin Pan Alley song writers who may be best known for another of their hits, “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.” Here it is:

Alma Mater  By Al Dubin and Joseph Burke 

When the twilight shadows gather
Out upon the Campus green,
When the blue and purple night
Comes stealing on the scene
Loyal heirs of Villanova
Sing a hymn of praise
To our dear old ALMA MATER
And our College days.

Villanova, Villanova
When we leave your shelt'ring walls,
We shall leave an echo ringing
Through your treasured halls
We will leave an echo ringing
In the silent night
While our memories are singing
Of the Blue and White

When the last big game is over
And the last roll call is heard
When the oldest pedagogue
Has had the final word
We shall come to ALMA MATER
In our dreams again
With prayer for Villanova
And a sweet amen.

My goal is someday to become the “oldest pedagogue.”


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Oldest pedagogue where, Lou? At VUSL? Even there you've a way to go. :-)

Posted by: Jim Maule | May 18, 2011 3:58:03 PM

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