Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Advice to 2011 Law School Graduates

Our commencement speaker, the Honorable Michael J. Melloy of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, had some practical advice for the new graduates.  It was refreshing to listen to Judge Melloy speak to the graduates about the importance of friends, family, collaboration, community involvement and work/life balance.  He gave several examples from his personal path that I hope resonated with the students.  The graduates have a very tough road ahead of them in this “interesting” time, but just maybe they will lead the change that the profession needs.  They deserve to contribute to the profession and have a satisfying life outside of work without having to leave the practice of law to do so.  I may be called “Pollyannaish”, but I hope to see the change in the profession that this next generation will bring.

Here are some authors who likely agree:

Deborah Epstein Henry, Law & Reorder: Legal Industry Solutions for Restructure, Retention, Promotion & Work/Life Balance (ABA 2010)

Susan Saab Fortney, In Pursuit of Attorney Work-Life Balance: Best Practices in Management: A Report on a Cross-Profession National Study of Attorneys (NALP 2005)

Ursula Furi-Perry, Your First Year as a Lawyer Revealed: Secrets, Opportunities, and Success!, (JIST Works 2010)

Good luck to the Class of 2011!




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