Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The iPad for Lawyers

If you follow the legal technology chatter on blogs or Twitter, you've no doubt heard that lawyers are mad about the iPad.   At first, I couldn't see the allure - I could see no possible business use that would make me want to use the iPad.  But on a whim I bought one, and began to find all sorts of great ways that lawyers can work more productively using an iPad.  

Lately, I've been talking to lawyers a lot about how they can use the iPad in their practices.  Recently I did a series of posts for Attorney At Work:

An even more ambitious move was to write a book on the subject; my new book iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, is aimed at lawyers (and anyone else, frankly) who just bought an iPad and is interested in learning how to set it up and use it, in about an hour (or maybe two).  It's a quick read, so if you or anyone you know just bought an iPad, check it out - you might find some interesting ways that lawyers can use tablet computers to enhance the services the provide to their clients.


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