Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teaching International Law Beyond the Classroom: Engaging Students in Experiential Learning, in Webpages and Blogs, and in Historical and Empirical Research

That’s the interesting topic of a conference sponsored by the ASIL Teaching International Law  Interest Group and the American branch of the International Law Association. The conference takes place on May 6 at the Pace University Law School. Here is a description:

The purpose of this conference is to raise awareness of different modalities of teaching and research in the area of international law that go beyond the traditional classroom and the standard law review article. Law schools around the country have initiated international law and human rights clinics; international law faculty have increasingly used blogs and the internet to carry out their scholarly work; and the legal academy has begun to recognize the contribution that history and empirical research can make. This workshop, which is co-sponsored by the ASIL Teaching International Law Interest Group (TILIG) and the American Branch of the International Law Association, explores each of these modalities and attempts to help the participants expand their teaching and research accordingly.

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