Sunday, April 24, 2011

More on "business cards" - QR codes

Last week we asked whether lawyers still exchange business cards in a world where Twitter handles and Hashable accounts are gaining favor.  Now enter the QR code which might become the new standard. The legal services marketing blog EricksonMarketing explains: 








You have probably seen these square codes appearing on signage around town and in retail stores. Well, they actually have a very important marketing function - one that should make law firms sit up and take notice.


Quick Response Codes, also known as QR codes, are starting to appear on the Web sites of law firms, as well as business cards of lawyers. QR codes are two dimensional bar codes that can be read by cameras on a Smartphone. The codes contain information in electronic format that the firm wants to convey to a target audience. The effectiveness of the QR codes can also be tracked at any level of a marketing campaign.


We expect to see the number of law firms using QR codes expand dramatically during 2011 as the technology continues to evolve and savvy law firms recognize the benefits.


Possible Uses for QR Codes by Law Firms


QR codes are read by a Smartphone equipped with a compatible code reader. . . . . Law firms may want to print QR codes on:


  • Business cards to electronically transfer the attorney's contact information and the firm's Web site URL
  • Event invitations / materials / lanyards to direct the user to an electronic version of the material, or additional information
  • Web sites, micro sites, blogs to open a browser directly to that page
  • Printed materials, opening a browser to an online version of
    • Attorney profile
    • Practice area description
    • Directories
    • Articles, alerts, newsletters
  • Recruiting materials

You can read more here. Hat tip to the E-Commerce Law Blog which also describes how one law firm is affixing QR codes to the back of the attorneys' business cards.


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