Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fun: The dumb criminal of the week award goes to . . . .

The gang member in Los Angeles who murdered a liquor store employee and then tattooed a map of crime scene on his chest that included details only the perpetrator would know.  It wasn't too tough for the LAPD to crack the case after that. From the online ABA Journal:

It's standard practice in Los Angeles for authorities to take photographs of the bare chests of suspected gang members when they are arrested for relatively minor offenses.

Records of their tattoos may be useful identification tools in subsequent crimes. And, for those who spray graffiti around the city, it's not unusual for a tagger to mark his own body with one of the same images he paints on buildings.

But the tattoo that homicide investigator Kevin Lloyd of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department spotted one day in a photograph of Anthony Garcia went way beyond that. Under the heading Rivera Kills, a reference to Garcia's Pico Rivera gang affiliation, the inked design appeared to map out a liquor store murder scene, including details that only someone who was there was likely to know, according to the Los Angeles Times.

And not just any murder scene—Lloyd's attention was caught, after he glanced at the photo in passing, because the tattoo appeared to map out a homicide that he had personally investigated that had become a cold case.

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