Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blogs and Facebook Posts as Evidence in Lawsuits

Patrick DiDomenico at LawyerKM  uses a recent story from a NY court to teach social media lessons:

The New York Daily News reports that a Richmond County Supreme Court Judge terminated a woman’s $850 per month alimony payment after she posted evidence of ability to work on a blog and on Facebook

Here are DiDomenico’s lessons on using social media:

  1. Assume that whatever you post online is public and that anyone can find it.  Indeed, the ability for   people to find your stuff is the purpose of a blog, or other website.  If you want to keep something private, keep it offline.
  2. Don’t assume that your social networking is private — even if you restrict your posts to a small number of Facebook (or other social network) friends; you never know how what you write may surface.  McGurk certainly didn’t expect her Facebook comment to be read by her ex husband.
  3. If you’re a lawyer, use social media as a tool to help win your case.

It almost makes me miss practice! 


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