Thursday, April 7, 2011

1L grading error may require recalculation of some class ranks

No one's happy when this happens. Not the professor or the students. Above the Law is reporting a story about a crim. law prof who discovered a clerical error in connection with the calculation of her first semester final grades that may affect some 1L class ranks.

Here's a portion of the email sent out by the professor explaining what happened (courtesy of ATL):

Dear Sections D & E,

Yesterday, I discovered that the fall 2010 Criminal Law grades were inaccurate due to a data entry error. As you know, the midterm exam was supposed to constitute 25% of the final grade and the final exam 75% of the final grade. Unfortunate mistakes in data entry reversed the intended weight of the exams.

The data has been correctly reentered into the law school’s grading program, and new grades have been posted. Many of you will have no grade change. Those of you who now have a higher grade will be elated, and those of you who now have a lower grade will be disappointed. Whether your grade is higher, lower, or the same, what is important here is that you receive the grade you earned. I am, however, truly sorry for any grief this situation causes any of you.

These things sometimes happen.  I'm sure the professor feels awful about it. All one can do is correct the error, apologize and move on. No one's infallible.


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