Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Working Multiculturally Requires Learning to Listen Multiculturally

When lawyers deal with different cultural groups, they need to listen differently. At the Harvard Business Journal online, Roger O. Crockett offers an example:

Among some Americans or some Italians, for example, you might hear what Reid calls "an explosion of conversation." In these boisterous cultures, people often build rapid-fire strings of conversation in which one person adds onto another's thought before the first person finishes and vice versa. This pattern of conversing requires a different set of ears than what's necessary for conversations with a thought and then a pause. The beauty of learning to listen to different patterns of conversation from different cultures is that "you wind up with a more dexterous way of thinking," Reid says. "This type of listening dexterity is a hallmark of any great multicultural team."


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