Sunday, March 13, 2011

This week's The Amazing Race update - Cara and Jaime are doing well

Wow! What a nail-biter this week's episode was as those crazy-goths-in-love Kent and Vyxsin got lost in Japan, missed a flight to China but were still able to make a comeback (sort of). In case you missed tonight's show, Cara and Jaime are doing well. They're in the middle of the pack which is a good place to be. Not having watched the show before this season, I'm now realizing that there's not much advantage to running yourself ragged trying to win each segment. Instead it's all about avoiding elimination and Cara and Jaime are doing that very well.

During tonight's road block challenge, Cara put to good use her law student training for organization and attention to detail as she solved the Chinese Zodiac puzzle for her team.  I was a little confused when, during the next segment, they initially picked the "horn" challenge but then somehow wound up doing the pound-candy-with-a-hammer challenge. No matter, they survived to race for another week.

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