Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The WSJ on law schools and shrinking class size

The Wall Street Journal covers the story (and here) of two New York law schools shrinking next year's incoming class in response to the glut of lawyers searching for jobs.  Is the decision motivated by altruism or the need to maintain one's USNWR rank in light of a shrinking applicant pool, as the WSJ suggests? Either way, it's a prudent move.

The deans of the Albany Law School and the Touro Law Center say they plan to reduce admissions this fall, yielding to the fact that the job market for newly pressed JDs continues to be rather lousy. Click here for the story from the National Law Journal.

The drop won’t be significant at either school. Both plan to admit 10 fewer students.

Still, the cuts represent an unprecedented acknowledgment among law deans that the product they’re churning out isn’t as highly valued now as it was, say, 5 years ago.

You can read the rest of the story, as well as some interesting reader comments, here.

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