Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The social media practices of BigLaw

I found a summary of the social media practices of the AmLaw 200 in the Greentarget survey, below, so I thought I'd share it with you here.  Most of the data was collected in 2010.

Blogs: As of March 2010, 96 of the AmLaw 200 are blogging with 297 blogs among them, 245 of which are firm-branded. This is up from 39 firms blogging as of August, 2007, representing a 147 percent increase. (Source: LexBlog).

LinkedIn: Every AmLaw 200 firm has a Company Profile on LinkedIn, by default. Most firms have Group Pages as well, mainly for alumni and recruiting, but also around specialized areas of law. Of the 50 million users currently on LinkedIn, nearly 1.5 million are lawyers. Approximately 5,000 firms have business profiles on the platform, and there are 4,000 Groups with “law” as part of the title. (Source: Apollo Business Development).

Facebook: 31 of the AmLaw 100 have “Fan Pages” related to their firm on Facebook. Most have a basic placeholder page with little content, and only a few are posting content via regular status updates. To date, law firm efforts have been too tentative to deliver any real value. But with 400 million users, the business potential of Facebook is hard to ignore. (Sources: statistics— TheByrneBlog; Stem Legal blog).

Twitter: 76 of the AmLaw 100 have a presence on Twitter, and just under half of those firms haven’t posted a single “tweet.” 39 firms are using the platform somewhat regularly, but not meaningfully in terms of aggregating and delivering targeted content to like-minded pools of followers at the practice group and industry level. (Source: statistics—TheByrneBlog; Stem Legal blog).



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