Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seventh Circuit: attorney drove litigation "off the rails"; reference to "malpractice suits" tosses major hint to clients

In an opinion by Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook, the Seventh Circuit excoriates appellants' counsel for his major role in sending the litigation "off the rails." The opinion includes an overt suggestion to appellants that they might consider malpractice suits:
    The events recounted in this opinion show that Greco is a menace to his clients and a scofflaw with respect to appellate procedure. The district court may wish to consider whether he should remain a member of its bar. Would-be clients should consider how Greco has treated Lee, Washington, and Moore. Greco has not asked for a hearing on the disciplinary order to show cause, and we now conclude that he has comported himself unprofessionally. We reprimand Greco for this unprofessional behavior and fine him $5,000, payable to the Clerk within 14 days. Greco must send Lee, Washington, and Moore copies of this opinion so that they may consider whether to file malpractice suits against him.

Lee v. Cook County, No. 10-2013, slip op. (7th Cir. Mar. 22, 2011).


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