Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post-Facebook and Twitter, what's the next "big thing" in social media?

From the Harvard Business Review:

The rapid emergence of Facebook and then Twitter as major marketing channels drives the fear that there will always be a Next Big Thing, that as soon as you master one social media channel, the next one will pop up and require you to learn a whole new set of tools, and acquire a whole new set of relationships. People often ask me: How do I keep up?

My answer: There will always be a next thing, but there may not be a Next Big Thing. For the same reason I used to tell my clients that the online community window was closing (it's now largely closed), the social network window is closing too. People are invested in Facebook, people are invested in Twitter. You may choose to include emergent tools (like FourSquare or Groupon) in your marketing plans, but there probably won't be another must-use social network like Facebook or Twitter. Those users have made their choices; their social media hours are largely spoken for.

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