Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Persuasive Legal Writing

Shameless plug department: Louis J. Sirico, Jr. & Nancy L. Schultz, Persuasive Legal Writing (3d ed. Wolters Kluwer). Here's the publisher's  write-up:

Persuasive Legal Writing, Third Edition by Louis Sirico, Nancy L. Schultz

Persuasive Legal Writing offers complete instruction, exercises, and examples to teach students how to frame and assert arguments. Starting with an introduction to classical rhetorical devices and the psychology of persuasion, authors Sirico and Schultz unpack every aspect of persuasive writing, from structuring sentences and paragraphs to writing style, tone, storytelling, audience analysis, the ethics of argument, and citing authorities—all in a remarkably concise format. Persuasive Legal Writing, Third Edition, features:

 • A consistent emphasis on the three keys to persuasive writing

1. writing simply and clearly

2. arguing ethically

3. writing for your audience

• How to focus attention on your argument by structuring sentences, paragraphs, and documents

• How to achieve an appropriately assertive tone

• When and how to cite authorities to support you argument

• How to make equity and policy arguments

• A helpful summary of common pitfalls in persuasive writing

• Generous use of examples throughout the text

• Integrated writing exercises for developing advocacy skills

• A capstone exercise at the end of the book

• An attractive new cover and interior design

• Enhanced and streamlined examples that are even more student friendly

• New examples from briefs and court opinions

• A new chapter on narrative and storytelling in persuasive writing



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